"60 years ... 3 generations"

"60 years ...

3 generations... "

Our story

Our story starts long back at 1961 in a small butcher shop in Argos. It’s the very same spot our relationship with quality meat began almost 60 years ago. 3 generations later, the shop is still active, still there and it is now our family’s heritage!

Our company has grown successfully year after year and now BOZIONELOS Group consists of 10 different firms that have over 300 employees altogether.

We offer a diverse range of products and services such as import, export, and manufacture, distribution, transport, market and storage of fresh and frozen food products.

Our philosophy

With great commitment and a passionate approach to quality service as well as the finest meat and sub-products, we have managed to retain high quality customers and suppliers that have been proven to be our very strong asset over the years. Additionally, we have a very flexible attitude in meeting and even exceeding our customers’ needs and requirements.

Last but not least, our goal is to always strive for improvements in quality and service to adapt to the market’s ever-changing needs.

ATHENS ✆ +30 210 4811875   ●  ARGOS ✆  +30 27510 69183