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improvements in quality and service."

A wide range of premium meat products and sub products.





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Our history

Our history starts long back at 1961 in a small butcher shop in Argos. It’s the very same spot our relationship with quality meat began almost 60 years ago. 3 generations later, the shop is still active, still there and it is now our family’s heritage…

Our philosophy

With great commitment and a passionate approach to quality service as well as the finest meat and sub-products, we have managed to retain high quality customers and suppliers that have been proven to be our very strong asset over the years…


Our company owns a fleet of refrigerated trucks that transports our merchandise as well as third party’s goods both in Greece and abroad with security and consistency

ATHENS ✆ +30 210 4811875   ●  ARGOS ✆  +30 27510 69183


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